Art through various forms and media has always been a form of self expression for me. Thirty years later I settled behind a camera lens.

What is photography to me? Everything. An alternate view of the world around me, a graphic imagination, a medium to freeze moments, gestures, expressions and emotions, a way to experiment, to create and to admire beauty, a hobby, a profession, a state of self-fulfillment, a journey to explore myself, an interpretation of my inner thoughts. Life, excitement, my legacy, my passion.

My aim is to portray stories and emotions, to capture the character and to illustrate concealed views of my subjects.

You can take a good snapshot, but a good photograph is something you have to produce. Camera skills, use of light, positioning of your subject within the surrounding environment as well as digital darkroom techniques are all ingredients of a successful recipe.

I am a Portrait Photographer and Photoshop Retoucher based in Greece, frequently traveling around Europe.

You may contact me for:

- Personal Portfolios
- Beautiful portraits of yourself whether you are a model, an actor, a singer, or none of the above
- Fashion, Editorial and Conceptual Portraiture
- Advertising
- Photoshop Retouching, Manipulation or Restoration
- Photoshop Tuition for Photographers

Nikolas Simonovikis